Phaic Tan After Dark
Sadly, Phaic Tan has developed something of a reputation as the sex capital of Southeast Asia due, in part, to the large number of ‘girlie bars’ and nightclubs clustered in many of its larger cities. Here, tourists can sit and enjoy a beer while watching exotic dancers perform on a specially elevated bar. For an additional fee these ‘bar girls’ will provide just about any service, with the possible exception of getting you a drink from the bar, and sexual ‘treats’ are clearly on the ‘menu’.

Important Note Prostitution is technically illegal in Phaic Tan and is currently the subject of an official government inquiry. This explains the large number of ministers and senior public servants often found in city brothels and bars, all attempting to gain a hands-on feel for the delicate issue.


Traditional massage, or Noh-Hanki-Panki, is often associated with the sex industry but Phaic Tanese techniques in fact have very little to do with sensual pleasure. The most common form of tactile therapy is what’s called a ‘traditional’ massage and is like nothing you’ve experienced before, unless you have recently stumbled into an electric fence. It begins with your entire body being covered from top to toe in coconut oil. The most unusual aspect of this procedure is that you remain fully clothed. The massage therapist then sets to work on various ‘trigger’ points, so-called because when pressed they trigger an enormous wave of pain. Unlike Swedish massage that seeks to relax the body through gentle kneading with the fingers and hands, Phaic Tanese therapists employ a multipronged approach using the hands, thumbs, fingers, elbows, forearms, knees and, in some cases, a modified nail-gun. A typical traditional massage lasts half an hour or until the client passes out.