Desperate for their sport to be given Olympic accreditation, a group of officials from the Phaic Tanese Kick Boxing Federation (P.H.K.W.F.) recently travelled to Lausanne to argue their case. Unfortunately the cause was not helped when one over-enthusiastic member of the delegation ended his power point presentation by smashing the overhead projector with a spinning side-kick.

Kick boxing champion Trong Tchen went on to become one of Phaic Tan’s most popular film stars, appearing in over 40 titles. Amongst his classic works are the romantic comedy Death Wish for Two, the spy thriller I Greet You with Lead and the critically ignored Hamlet.


Kick Boxing
To say that the Phaic Tanese love their kick boxing would be an understatement and boys as young as five are regularly taken away to national training camps where they are taught to kick and punch for hours on end. After many years a successful few go on to become ‘Grand Masters’, while those who fail return home to work as insurance brokers.

Many visitors to Phaic Tan are keen to witness a kick boxing match and there are events held just about every night of the week. Ticket prices vary depending on where you sit – expect to pay extra for anywhere close enough to be showered in blood.

Bouts are accompanied by wild music and wild betting as fans work themselves into a frenzy. Contestants wear baggy trunks (in which extra weapons may often be concealed) as well as gloves. Feet are bare (women may wear heels) and most fighters also wear sacred headbands into the ring for good luck. These are removed before the match and often used later by losing contestants to strangle their trainer.